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On-Site, Estate Sale:

   We specialize in on-site estate sales. On-site sales are held on your property.  You sell all your items in one day.  We come in the week or so before and set up your items for sale, do all online advertising, marketing, accounting, signage, flyers and consulting. An on-site sale requires that you have at least 200 or more items to sell, enough for a good auction. The beauty of on-site sales is that we do the work for you and all your items are sold in one day.  This can often be a tremendous relief of burden to our clients, especially when there is a death in the family, or downsizing or moving situation and the items need to be sold quickly.

   We charge 20% commission, any single item over $1000 is charged 8%. Minimum commission for us to do an auction is $1000. The seller (you) must cover any extra fees such as tent rental, porta potty, extra advertising and labor.  There is no upfront cost. Please contact us for specifics, for every sale is different. We will come out and take a look at what you need to sell and discuss what the best option for you might be. This consultation is free. 

    For items we sell at a different location we charge 25% with no extra labor or advertising fees.